eventide 7-29-16
I wrote this poem this past year. At the time, I was frustrated about why this instance or that instance of my life hasn’t happened yet. I was impatient and also disappointed with my lack of trust in the Lord. Therefore, by writing my stubborn thoughts, it turned into an ease of relief and the brighter picture of what I should cope for.


[Written on: 1.3.2014]
“The Crown of Value”
I am a gem. I have value and worth.
I can be fragile, but I am a gem you cannot touch and I am unbreakable.
I shine bright because of God’s unfailing love. I am a gem, full of light.
I am a gem with a smile who fills the room.
I am a gem who loves and who forgives.
I am a gem who learns daily.
I am a gem who has scratches that are barely visible through another’s eyes, but through my eyes the scratches are innately visible.
I am a gem. God sent His son Jesus to polish you and I into a masterpiece full of beauty and sparkle.
I am a gem of value and worth. You are a gem of value and worth.
You are a gem full of color and strength.
You are a gem with brilliance.
You are a gem where my eyes are fixated on you.
You are a gem of many Hallelujahs!
You are a gem who perfected sculpting and you, dear Jesus, have lavished us with a love no one else can bestow.
You are the gem.
The only gem.
Our King.

The Crown of Value.


I am grateful to see the brighter side of things now, and giving an approach of “life is good, in spite of it all.” I hope these words carry a soothing warmth in your heart because you’re not a failure.


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