I wrote this poem (on the plane), in perspective of someone who is about to begin a new chapter with their beloved. Not by their appearance.. by their character, their attributes and their actions. Also having the security, safety, and a bold thank you for letting this person join “my life with yours.”

Actually, I wrote this for my two dearest friends who are getting married this July! 🙂


Photo by Nathan Walker-

[Written on: 1.4.2015]
My love, oh my love.
My joy cannot express the immense admiration for who you are.
Committed, engaging, laughable and sincere.
Oh, how lovely it is to be Yours, and you are mine.
Together we love the One who made us as halves and now we are whole.
Our foundation is in You alone.
What grace He has upon us to meekly act, express justly, confidently aware of His truth.
Hug me tightly and ever so warmly.
Interlock your fingers into mine: we’re finally home.

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