a fiery encounter & a weak response

Alert your heart and mind. There are schemes and foolishness in this world. Be aware, take notice; the lion preys your neighbors weakness and will devour your vulnerable will. Pray, cast your troubles to thee who knows your true heart. [1 Peter 5:7-9 | Paraphrased]

-Photo by Me-

Tonight I had such an opportunity (and blessing!) to be able to gather with the women I spent morning and night this past weekend. It was refreshing, it was encouraging, I felt warmth and comfort knowing that the devil was full steam ahead not only for me this week, but my fellow sisters in Christ. I am not saying I wish for hardships to those I know and have met, but a sense that we’re in this together, knowing we are all prayer warriors and proudly proclaim we aren’t the weakest link.

Praying for a richly blessed Friday and God uplifts your heart in everything you do!


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