lover of details

I am a seeker of His mercy, seeker of His grace, seeker of humility, seeker of kindness, seeker of goodness. As I seek so many attributes and conditioning myself to love fully and to embrace the essence of “I will always have enough.” At the end of the day I go back and forth by wanting so many tangible things and comparing myself by what others have or what others are capable of doing which I am not in any position to compose myself the same way.

I saw this quote and I’m not reiterating, but paraphrasing for my own understanding: this quote really put me in a perspective that your absence does not consist of comparison of others beauty, material possession, or livelihood. Your absence is only the separation between yourself and God, or yourself and an absence of a loved one, or yourself and a memory, or yourself and who you were one year ago/five years ago.

All in all, we seek to find what is lost. We seek to understand a memory. We seek to covet something/anything to familiarize what we had from a person: loved one/friend. Question is: Do we ever love the details of ourselves or details of a person? I began with this post of loving fully, but I am not perfect enough to do that daily because I am an old friend of negativity and sometimes it defeats me before I get out of my bed and preparing myself for the day.

I need to stand guard and know I need to be a lover of His details, seek His will in every situation and know the only way my absence will be fully present is when I understand the nails on Jesus’ hands and feet weren’t for no importance, but for something that is ever so true in the most significant and eternal way possible.

[Written on: 2.28.2015]
As I seek your love.
Encourage me to share the
immensity of your
riches and become
a lover of details.
-Haiku on Love-

Photo by Elke Rohn-
My favorite part about this picture… infinity. Jesus sacrificed himself where we can be with HIM for eternity. Forever.

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