hearts contentment

[2:30am thoughts]
Will I ever have the contentment that I am where I am for a reason?
Why do people find joy for putting someone down?
I am aware that I am so loved, but I don’t feel loved at all. I feel OKAY.
Why am I still up?
I’m thinking about the past too much.
Will I get to work on time? [fast forward: no]
Will I find the joy of always being available to do church events?
Will I be able to have this many opportunities in the future?

Be still, my darling, I will mend my love for you in a way no one else can soothe.

[Exodus 14:14 | Paraphrased]

This Bible verse has currently been on my heart and mind. I did not have any effort to sleep at all this morning and above was a snippet of my early morning ramblings. After being back from such an incredible weekend (already two weeks!) I’ve started changing my attitude with God’s guidance rather than my own. As sentimental and rewarding as it sounds my “same ole” life still chimes in. Whispering self-doubt, exclaiming fear and anxiety is quite crucial and important in your life.


I’m learning to pray more and trust God more. He is always present even when I think he is not. He will always give me enough. He will always fill my heart in a way where “completion” is insignificant compared to God’s understanding through all of my (our) worries and joys.

Don’t let your early, early morning thoughts drag you down. Allow your heart to listen, praying your heart out, be as vulnerable to thee and “be still” and know God is the only One who can fill our hearts in the most wholesome way imaginable.

Our hearts contentment for eternity.

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One thought on “hearts contentment

  1. You write so beautiful Misha. Praise God for you sharing your faith journey with others on the internet. I too have self-doubt. I mostly have low self-esteem and fear of rejection and fear that no one will accept me. Everyone needs to be accepted. It's sad when we as Christians do not do a good enough work in showing others we accept them.So instead of focusing on me, I like to make an effort to fix the world's problem one person at a time.


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