For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.
[Ecclesiastes 3:1]
This Bible verse has been on my heart tonight. Hearing news with a loss of a loved one and an absence of a loved one from various church members makes me mourn for their tired eyes and what they are going through this trying time. It’s naturally unfair. We don’t choose death or choose to push people away. We love them, we want them to stay. Having our loved ones there and present brings joy in our hearts because it’s safe.

When absence begins we impulsively have anger to fix what we can’t mend, but this is a joyous time (as hard as it is to comprehend) we feel so inept to follow His will through all of it. Naturally, we feel like these occurrences is a setback. Sometimes. Truly, though, they are explanations where we need to be more focused and convicted.
It has been quite some time since I have been with someone who seems very dear to me. During that time, however, the one who had a special place in my heart decided to let go. I was heartbroken and it was a hard time to learn to be “my own” again after surrounding myself to be with him as much as I could: the present, hopes of the future. I was devastated, had no choice but to move on and be okay about it. Looking back I am so thankful to be where I am now. A daughter of the King. A heart to serve and use my talents with the best of my ability whether a man is beside me or not. I smile and dance on my own knowing Christ will always pull me in.
Thanks be to God that healing does happen. In time.
There is no song which heals your wounds. Only the prayer you give to Christ where he will permanently heal your deepest and darkest wounds. There is no book to discern your dried tears. Only the Bible will give you everlasting Word of Truth and happy tears.
Last year one of my friends had a similar occurrence and by my uneasy learned years. I had to pass this along to her. I wrote this in my journal:
[Written on: 2.10.2014]
All advice I can say is… with everything going on: to stop talking to people about it, to hear comparisons of their own life, and just learn to be silent and let the Holy Spirit come within you and give you peace and understanding. Pray and give thanks it wasn’t worse. I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut and allow God to handle my own emotions. If I even considered thoughts from everything… regret, bitterness and sadness fills me in more than what verbally came out of my mouth. The power of knowing that God won’t allow these emotions to happen immensely.
And remember, you need to remind yourself there is no one to blame, whatever the circumstance even if it’s as hard and something you couldn’t even fathom. It’s not his fault or yours. God doesn’t make us choose sides, he gave us free will and because of freewill – we, as humans, have the notion that picking sides is a natural thing. It shouldn’t be.
Sometimes, it is what it is. Even if you don’t know the answers. God is good in spite of all of this. All the time. His timing is perfect and be grateful you’re learning right now in this situation.
Life is not about cotton candy goodness, an easy out, freedom of being apart from pain, or an absence of walls falling down. We all have pain. We just learn to strive in our own ways. The best way is to focus on the Cross where there is no greater love than to be beside Thee who gives us eternal life free from temporary fillers and gain permanent coats.

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