despair and bliss

Have you ever felt lonely?
Have you ever had doubts with your life?
Have you ever had doubts in your job?
Have you ever had doubts in your faith?

I was thinking about how relieving it is for someone to say,
“I’m here. Let me be present and be here for you.”

[Written on 2.1.2015]
How heavy
my heart feels,
when you are sad.
Come into my arms.
Sadness won’t be welcomed,
but joy will
-Haiku on Love-

After being with a dear friend of mine tonight after work and hearing about their struggles, pain and confusion about life. Made my heavy heart grieve for them as I reminisced during my own trials of pain and confusion. I don’t wish for anyone to feel pain, but it’s obviously present in a big scale or a small scale. I quickly came home and searched for as many healing Bible verses and this one has definitely been on my heart:

My child, I have wiped every tear. I will bring you everlasting life preparing all new things, and no longer allow agony to be present. You will be whole again in my dwelling.
|Revelation 21:3-5 | Paraphrased|

God’s richest blessings will always be present, and so Praise Him in the midst of trials.

-Bethel Music; Ever Be-

“Your praise will ever be on my lips, ever be on my lips


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