At times I feel so low, helpless (I must add) and I kept thinking that I need to keep my chin up because I am a natural doubter and I over think things, and it’s pathetic to intense anxiety more than it should be.

[Written on: 1.19.2015]
Oh, dear one who is a common reminder of ones owns flaws.
Oh, dear one who puts pity on themselves.
Oh, dear one who fuels themselves with mere disappointement.
Dearest one, you are loved.
Dearest one, you bring warmth.
Dearest one, you are bright.
Dearest one, you are whole,
Dearest one, I am proud of you.
Begin again.
Accept the beautiful person that you are.
Cling to the echoes of encouragement.
Grip towards the overwhelming rush of love.

Forgiven you are, and your mercies are made new.

Prayers that God’s love comes into your heart when you feel low, helpless and unloved. You ARE loved. Never forget that. There’s always those few people who care for you and will drop their things to be there.

Photo by Geri-Jean Blanchard-


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