to be absent

Renew goodness within us in the purest way. |Psalm 51:10 | Paraphrased|

Everyone gets so busy with their own schedules, and when their schedule doesn’t work. It obviously is a setback…
When I think of this (Psalm 51:10) Bible verse, I think of His goodness, He created us and He is molding us to be the best we can be, but we cling to our ways to what ‘checks us out’

of our spiritual comfort zone…

[Written on: 4.10.2015]
Lord, I check out on you when life seems like it is coming together, on my dime.
Lord, I check you out when my distractions of social networks, movies and television is more intriguing than the Bible which is laying right next to me.
Lord, I check you out when I sing a popular song and am self aware of the words of petty love and disrespect.
Lord, I check you out when I depend on the echoes and whispers of surrounding murmurs rather than your obvious reality of truth.
Lord, most of all: I check you out when I feel like I am steadily become spiritually fed and settle negotiations of what should come next. I’m aware of the difference, but I act impulsively.

Don’t be fed lavishly, be fed by the warmth of God’s goodness. Distractions are easily presented, you need to learn to fight for what’s worthy in God’s eyes.

Photo by Kevin Luu-


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