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Hi! πŸ™‚ I have something exciting to share with you real soon. These past years since I lived in the wonderful South. I have been writing poems and/or thoughts of a particular situation which I never felt I had closure about, or had the confidence to share outside of my realm of family and dearest friends. I have put a lot of prayer into these poems whether I should share them with you. I had to pull the string and not allow my indecisiveness compel me to back out on an opportunity to share a hardship I thought would never end and let someone out there know they aren’t alone. God has recently given me the freedom to fly, learning to be “Misha” again, and having an overwhelming sigh of relief for finally having a clean slate. It is quite refreshing!

I’m so excited to share these poems with you. I do hope these poems resonate with you if you are having a hard time and need some coping mechanism to understand the ins and outs of emotions or patience or forgiveness during your trying time.

I am certainly not a perfect person who will say the exact words that you need, but I do hope you can understand during the moments when I wrote these poems.. they were trying, hopeful, helplessly understanding God’s will through all of it and, most of all, learning to strive through it in the kindest, gracious and the most admirable way imaginable through the eyes of the Lord.

I also have to include.. while you read these upcoming five poems, there is no one to blame. Not for me to play the victim, or the person I am speaking about is cold or unbearably ugly. It’s just another reason to give thanks from God when He decided to close a door that needed to be closed. Society steers solely on picking sides. It’s not about that. It’s about how I grew throughout the process by my faith where I had to depend and trust in God’s will, and how I am as a person by my actions, thoughts, or laughter through it all.

I will have a | sidebar with links | which is titled, “Collective Letters”
The first one (out of five) will be posted soon, and the lengthy title is:
“I Was Falling in Love with a Boy Who Was Careless”

Again, I am SO excited about this. Praying God will give you even more love and joy during this week. πŸ™‚


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