to seek truth and treasures

As I choose to seek my own ways,
the Lord continually whispers to my heart and says,
“I am the way. Seek my truth.”
[Isaiah 55:8-9 | Paraphrased]

I seek so many things. Make my own agenda. Ravage through whatever seems modern, or I conform to what others do because it’s available. I have been taking a class and this past Sunday mentioned a Bible verse:

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” [Luke 12:34]
This Bible verse struck me so hard on the head. The two bible verses of Isaiah & Luke intertwine in such a beautiful way.
I think to myself:
  1. What am I committing myself to do on a daily basis?
  2. What am I spending my money on?
  3. What joys am I doing to be sidetracked by an even more joyous life – eternally?
I was scanning through various blogs and noticed there was a big sale going on at Target on Sunday morning, and I was looking at some videos dumb-founded by how many people were in line just because of some brand name. I, personally, think it’s very superficial to post pictures of yourself wearing brand name clothes/accessories and say where you bought it from. However, I also know it’s very easy to glance at pictures and be in awe by the outside beauty of it – entirely. Adoring what it is, admiring the sparkle, and swooning over something where you honestly want to mimic that person.
I want to change my attitude and allow the Lord’s ways to sink in, and His ways will always be good and I strive to keep my eyes focused on His will rather than the materialistic aspect of this so called world. I pray that my treasures will be from above and not from where I am standing.

Obviously, having something within reach is so much easier to take heart because it’s quickly attainable. The best treasures are the ones you have to be patient about, to learn from and know that in the end: it will outshine any expectation you will ever have.

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