firm strength and everlasting peace

My heart aches so much when I hear those I love losing someone they deeply love. When you have someone constantly present and they quickly become someone who is immediately absent. You learn to cling onto the memories you want to remember. The goodness of it all, the words left unsaid, or the words they regretfully said. Everything seems like a blur and I just cannot fathom how someone who continually reads an empty book filled with blank pages, and allowing ignorance in their hearts to not believe in conversations to God who will always listen. That is the beauty of prayer which is a powerful substance: to feel full again. Admitting there is a Heavenly Father who brings grace and mercy through all this hardship, and an emptiness no man can fill.

These two Bible verses deeply affects my heart, but also rewards my heart.

He alone freely gives our tired eyes firm attention to Him who strengthens our weakest moments
|Isaiah 40:29 | Paraphrased|


Through my trials, my triumphant battle finally ends!
My determined faith has made me well.
Full of comfort and everlasting peace.
|2 Timothy 4:7 | Paraphrased|

I rejoice in the fact that my loved ones will see each other again, soon. So soon. I also rejoice that I will see my loved ones soon. The healing will take time to mend.
Wipe your tears for God will heal you deeper than ever before. Unlike this world which mends a broken heart in a temporary way. God will mold your broken heart into a permanent recovery.
For your sorrow || crushed.
For your pain || uninviting.
For your healing to be whole.
For your rejoicing to be ever present.
For God, alone, who listens to your plea.

For He rekindles a spark of bravery and defeat.

I love listening to piano arrangements from various Hymns. I highly recommend for you to listen to David Nevue’s “Adoration” album.

One of my favorite pieces is, Great Is Thy Faithfulness


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