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Happy Sunday! 🙂

For a few months I had this idea. Well, a thought kept coming in the back of my head and kept repeating “Invisible Band” I was clueless as to why the Lord has been echoing these words to me. Initially when you think of bands as an earthly view… you think of wedding bands: commitment, loyalty and some other words which categorizes marriage. There are times (because I’m super weird) that I felt like there was a wedding band on my fourth finger although it was not visible and then I had a light bulb moment and the echoing words of “invisible band” made sense to me.

“Invisible Band” is how the church is the bride of Christ. We are all disciples who serve God using the talents he has given us in the career path we choose to be. Spiritually, we have ‘invisible bands’ on our fourth finger because Christ made that happen permanently, I could go through a tangent about this subject, but never knew how to word it in a format which detailed the purpose of “invisible band”.

Thankfully, last evening everything fit together and now I am thrilled to finally have a topic I never knew how to word and now it’s visible. I am so proud to share this with you. Enjoy! 🙂

Photo by Miroslav Sárička-

[Written on: 4.25.2015]
“Invisible Band”
What a precious ring!
How majestic it is.
This band is slightly seen from a distance and significant up close.
As two love ones about to say, “I do.”
Their bands become a bond to be One as evidence to not be broken.
For life’s trials, sometimes, their symbol of love loses its firm commitment, and the bands that once were genuine become a violated, half-hearted declaration of an existent past.
The One oath, I know, has an unbreakable bond.
This band is concealed, lavished, and so fitting in our everyday lives.
Through the many aches begins the quiet whispers of, “I am near.”
Through the laughs with family and friends begins a soothing voice of, “my love, I am giving the desires of my heart only to you.”
The precious ring compared to the many assorted rings brings everlasting peace.
This band proclaims an undeniable truth which is as visible and clear as the stars above.
This ring is so much brighter, an infinite covenant which brings a hushed noise and a meek view.
This ring, an invisible ring, a band which is securely fitted before the church proclaims,
“My father, hallowed be your name.”
The invisible band from Christ; where he bestowed endless detail, and fervent mercy.
An invisible band will never be broken, but will always remain constant.

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