While I was looking through various quotes, I came across this one quote which reveals the sincerity and truth of a writer’s mind. A writer whose heart is filled with joyful memories, or hardships. The writer’s thought is a significant detail of themselves wanting their voice to be heard:

“The Bible is the only book where the Author is in love with the reader.”
I was awestruck by this sentence, and I decided to add words around this sentence. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

-Photo by Me-
A beautiful gift given from my father last year. I cherish it.
[Written on 5.3.2015]
“Beloved Author”
There are many stories that have been written.
Some are true details of their life story.
Some become an exhilarating imagination.
Some become an exaggerated existence.
But, most of all, these stories become relatively aware of who we want to become, or who we regretfully want to astray from.
To those who read stories become lovers of the characters and their relative purpose.
These imaginative stories in the book signifies bravery, truth, ponder, and attitude.
Our imagination goes rapid when a character feels loved, paralyzed by doubt, a wishful life, or feeling nonexistent.
We love the characters in the story as a glimpse of who we will become, who we are, or who we used to be.
How amazing and beautiful to be known more than some person or character from these stories.
Where a person’s heart is summed up when our hands turn the pages of a detailed outlook.
An outlook where there is only One author who loves the reader.

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