This Saturday evening, I had a lot of time to think about life and how I was a fool in the past. Due to recent events by realizing a guy should treat his gal the way she should be treated (respected, worthy, gracious) rather than him being the center of the gal’s life and she just surrounds herself to him and his needs. These characteristics begs an argument: What is the reaction when you are a girl verses the reaction when you are a woman.
This post is about being a woman and acknowledging your worth when you are in a situation you’re blindsided from. Knowing that you are a gem and you should realize you shouldn’t allow yourself to go through this. Entirely, this post is about how both guys and gals should treat each other.

There is this quote from C.S. Lewis which says,
“Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learnmy God do you learn.”

I’m well aware you shouldn’t get in the middle of someone’s hardship because they need to learn the hard way. Coping on their own.

I did, however, mention this (with some re-iteration due from typing this) to my dear friend:
“Just remember how valuable you are. I don’t want you to spiral down to a hole where you immediately forget your worth. Allowing yourself to easily praise any form of contact/communication some guy gives you. You should know you’re a gem and you shouldn’t make it easy in that sense.

Photo by Tom Kolby-

A girl allows those games to happen and they chase the guy. The girl clings to the past and not recognizing her self-worth because she immediately allowed the white flag to him as ‘giving up’

A woman doesn’t allow those games to happen from the guy. She moves on, she becomes stronger and replaces her longing towards a solid group of strong friendships and a core family, and when the time comes when she feels beautiful because SHE IS without any man. That is when God’s beauty reveals itself where He replaces the reckless guy to a man of God who will confidently and boldly be near through thick and thin.”

You are so worthy. Our broken hearts will always be healed. Yes, there are still bruises that are visible to us, but the only One who can calm our aching hearts is Jesus. The One who whispers,”Beloved” again, and again.


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