prologue, part one

A preface before I share Letter Three, “Regaining Sight”:
When summer just began, where my emotions wandered rapidly as wildfire, unable to identify the red signs, a blinding devotion to a boy wearing a well dressed suit…

[I have to exclaim this is a journal entry and I never, ever said the words “I love you” because I was too scared to exclaim it. Because I was not calm. I was emotional.]
I love this sweet, sweet boy of mine. I never knew feelings like this would be possible. No boy has ever took their time away to do what I want to do for the day. I pray continually for God to strengthen us with the fruits of the Spirit and keep Christ as the core of our relationship.
I need him, I miss him, I love him.
I am feeling a passion, a commitment, a belonging.
I never realized love would be such a mixture of emotions.
I never knew love is not only an emotion; love is a mirror of God’s love for us.
I thank God whole-heartedly for this boy.
I tell God this with full confidence, I don’t want any other boy.
This boy is carrying my heart.

Coming soon, prologue two: a startling poem which resulted in fear, not quite yet and unrequited love.


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