a flattering remark

One of my oldest friends said the kindest words to me. I was in awe and I was so thankful.

“You have always been a bright beaming star,

giving everyone near you warmth and a reason to smile.”

How rare and how beautiful it is when someone you’ve known since grade school thinks of you in such a genuine way and displays a sincere compliment. After so many years, sometimes, people change and, sometimes, you change. Whether it is for the better or for worse.

I do feel in life you have to have that tug in your heart to always be kind and not rude to someone. Or learn to approach situations in the kindest way imaginable. Learning to listen and think before you speak if you disagree with someone. Words are so effective when it’s harsh and those harsh words certainly leave imprints in your thoughts because it’s crucial and painful. We immediately ignore the genuine and sincere words that are given to us on a daily basis.


We need to learn to put those harsh words aside, to know you are great and beautiful.

Jealousy, anger, regret, bitterness, and so on – are all forms of temporary gain to fill a hole you don’t know how to run from. When you allow goodness, forgiveness, compassion, and hopefulness to come in, it will certainly press a permanent gain in your heart because you will feel whole by those attributes.


In life you need to learn there are so many trials and hardships. We all face them. Be the person to spread kindness in spite of it all. Don’t be an additional person who makes a situation worse. We all need a hand who will firmly grip and pull us out of a situation. Rather than a hand that chooses to easily let go.

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. |Ephesians 4:32|

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