Letter Three

A Wednesday evening I had one of those instances where I just had a “light bulb” moment. A reflective moment. A moment where I just go “OH. I can see a little more clearly now.” In fact, a moment which I know my worth is so, SO much brighter from yesterday and even more brighter tomorrow because of God’s rich mercy He has given to me. My mind was quite preoccupied with my thoughts, but still letting my ears allow the Lord’s thoughts come in, too.

Beauty about thoughts: God’s wisdom instills in our hearts and His goodness always intertwines and tugs us where we need it.

Here is a poem about wonder, confusion, and breaking free from who you once were. Refreshing my heart to know that in any circumstance: I should be as kind and graceful as possible in spite of the many bruises and not allowing quick impulses of dislike to occur.
“Regaining Sight”
How dear, my heart, which clings to the past as rapidly and viciously.
How dear, my heart, which allows familiarity to come.
For my wandering eyes where they glance helplessly to sights that are dim.
How weary, I am, to be drawn to a boy who is still careless.
How weary, I am, to be drawn by my own wants.
How stubborn, I am, to regretfully deny the needs from Him.
I’ve realized my heart is worth so much more than the past.
Tonight I choose my heart to regain love fully.
Allow my heart to put my barriers down, and be full.
For my heart to be cheerful in everything I experience.
Knowing full well my heart will never break under His truth.

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