graceful movement

 God, I cling to your goodness.
Allow my heart
to depend on the
riches above.
Allow my wandering eyes move to your truth.
Allow my feet to walk gracefully in everything I do.

-Haiku on Mercy-

This week has been so refreshing so far! I spent last evening (Monday) listening to film scores station on Pandora and working on my current cross stitch project. As much as I have enjoyed this week, I need to focus on God’s goodness and blessings He has given me everyday. I have been guilty of wanting many things, comparing what I do and I don’t have. In the end the most important thing is to be the best woman I can be. Over the weekend I wrote a list and titled it “Woman of God”
I began with Proverbs 4:23 | “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.”

First with the fruits of the spirit:
Love | Joy | Peace | Patience | Kindness | Goodness | Faithfulness | Gentleness | Self-Control

I wrote the top 5 characteristics/qualities I long for a fellow.
Third, admirable characteristics from my parents.
Lastly, characteristics for myself: what I already know and what I should improve.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far. 🙂

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