a period of respect

Hi y’all! 🙂 I have a new collection of writings I am going to post on my blog.

I have learned life is filled with incredible and exhausting chapters.
You begin chapters towards specific topics/people in your life which will be ongoing throughout it all.
You continue with chapters of long term where you never thought would ever stay in the past.
You chuckle with joy when there are chapters that are short and sweet.
You bravely continue with chapters which make you feel like you’re standing still and never moving, however, with the details within the chapters they become more clear and significant for your future.

This chapter I am currently in happens during the time of growth for myself and reverence with every detail I encountered. There is uncertainty during this chapter where I wonder if it is slightly opened or closed tightly. This chapter is about a summer attraction and hopefulness which casually dissolved and reflected into stillness, an appeal beyond the shallowness. My eyes began to envision the autumn leaves changing and my thoughts whispered into an appreciation for everything.

Photo by Me-
-Text used on StudioApp-

I am so thrilled about these future posts and understanding the simple flicker of authenticity. God has shown so much grace to me in this chapter. At the time I was filled with emotions and continually learned to be realistic on my approach. Prayed deeply with it all and knew God is so good, so, so good! There will be a sidebar which will say |Chapter On Appreciation| to see any upcoming/previous posts. Again, I am SO excited about this!

Breath || Grace || Light

The words I have chosen to display in the picture mirrors the main points throughout these blog posts. Finally being able to breathe again after feeling like I was never capable of exhaling without any hesitation, God displaying much grace towards my own weakness where I learned of a forgiveness I didn’t know how to cope with or let go of, and complimentary metaphor of  l i g h t for each other.


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