-Mat Kearney; Air I Breathe-
“I hear you calling my name out. Is there any other way now?

I hear you calling my name out. I got nothing to left to say now.”

I have been replaying this song ever since I moved. Wherever I am in this world, God always calls my name, calling me to do something so much greater. Sometimes, I ignore it and sometimes, I’m obedient.
Recently, one of my friends who I’ve known for years gave me a very generous Christmas present this year and looking beyond the gift giving it was certainly God’s loud voice saying, “I have everything under control for you. You need to worry no more. Now listen and Be Still.”
The only thing I could do was to just stop pacing with my thoughts and just SIT DOWN, be silent, and ponder what the true meaning of God’s blessings is for me. I wanted to cry with joy and have utter disbelief and my thoughts mixed with,  “Why, Lord? Why have you blessed me so immensely whereas I, a sinner, who continues to disappoint you so freely (awareness or not)?
My father gave a wonderful message this morning at church about humility, grace and mercy from the Lord. I asked my father if I could share this email he passed along to one of his friends which he shared his faith to:
“God’s love for us in Christ Jesus certainly reveals a God Who is Love and Life! Satan surely continues his loveless ways and desires that we do evil and know death! Thank God for Christmas and Christ, God Himself, come to set us free.”
For you, O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you. |Psalm 86:5|

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