Oh my, my, MY GOODNESS.

This dear friend of mine.. Oh how richly blessed to look back and see how God works through me and my so called schedule in life. How easily he fits people in like a glove when you need it. Every Saturday morning I committed myself to attend a women’s Bible study and be surrounded in a room filled with beautiful ladies who are wise, genuine, raw, beautiful, have such insight and perspective.

One Saturday morning I was feeling very rushed, and had a mixture of wanting to be at Bible study and having a conversation in my head if I should go or not. Obviously, I was being lazy. I ran into Bible study… late and then I noticed a young woman near my age and I immediately thought, “OH THANK THE LORD. THERE IS SOMEONE. SOMEONE. I am blessed.”

I am not sure how we started hanging out. Me being the “let’s make new friends!” attitude, I probably gave her my number and wanted to grab some coffee. Years later we enjoy our Starbucks outings, vanilla Dr. Pepper, being a part of her wedding, being known as an aunt to her pets, etc.

H: you are SUCH a blessing to me. I look up to you so much and I am elated how God worked through you as our friendship grew during the first encounter and until this day. I have seen you grow into an amazing woman who learned the refreshing beauty of being single and taking each moment to grow for yourself. I have seen you love so fully to the man who is now your husband, but I have also seen you love so fully for yourself through your engagement and through your marriage. You continually strive to teach your students the authenticity of learning and engaging each of them to the true purpose of what they love.

I am thrilled to see what the future has for you. I am thrilled that you are a wonderful addition to my life. I am thrilled to see you grow through trials and through joys. and I am thrilled to pray for you and with you.

This is a favorite Bible verse and a motto my friend lives by:
“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” |Philippians 4:13|

Included in this post is a few pictures! The first photo is a project I worked a few months prior to her wedding. I wrote two poems and had different ideas of doing it in cross stitch form or finding someone who can do it in calligraphy form. After the wedding festivities ended I was absolutely excited to see H & K’s reaction to the gift. 🙂

||C O L L A B O R A T I O N||
One of my dearest friends introduced me to this beautiful designer and we’ve been emailing back and forth (endlessly) to perfect the second poem I wrote for H&K in a way that presents beauty and reverence for God and for each other. I’m overjoyed how it finished! Please stop by SI Design Loft to see her beautiful designs! 🙂
Lastly, H you deserve more than just the words I have typed out in the post, but I am happy to know the core of our friendship is through Christ and He continually molds us to be the best Proverbs 31 woman we need to be today, and always.
-Background picture by Jenny Sanders | Graceline-
Hugs, my dear friend H, you are so loved.

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