twenty / fifteen

Begin with:
Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
|1 Thessalonians 5:18|

There have been so many mixed emotions for me this year! As I look back at it all, reflecting each moment I must admit: I am truly grateful and I am so ready for 2016 to begin!

Here is a collage of my “highlight reel” throughout this year.

 Details about the pictures (begin on the top left)
1. I took a picture of the Bible my Dad gave me as a reflection of God guiding me this year.
2. The picture of me with a bouquet symbolizes my first time being a bridesmaid for a friend.
3. The picture of the words (I painted those words for the resurrection walk at church for Easter) and some of the words on there incorporates all the feelings I felt this year.
4. The middle picture of the landscape view is during a weekend with a young adult group I was active in over the Summer & Fall and how wonderful it was and very needed.
5. The picture of me in the car is a reflection of looking at past events and appreciating the moments we have now. Although there are unknowns in this world, there’s beauty of having tangible things to be remembered, somehow and someway.
6. The selfie picture is of my new hair color and venturing out of my comfort zone.
7. The picture of me hugging a dear friend of mine before her wedding day is a metaphor of holding onto all those close and dear to me so tightly. It also implies how I emotionally wanted/ached to have someone close.
8. The last picture of the nails and hammer (during resurrection walk at church for Easter) demonstrates the end of each day from this year, Christ died for you & me.
End with:
Taste and see that the Lord is GOOD.

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