the seventh

The first journal entry for “Chapter on Appreciation” section. 🙂

Photo by Justine Furmanczyk-

The first Sunday in June I decided to get out of  my comfort zone, drive to an area I wasn’t familiar with and go into a church where I only knew two people. I walked in feeling rage of anxiety, but more so range of despair and jealousy. I felt very distant from God and while I was at the church I pondered by the thought of making the right decision to go. Afterwards my friend C and I talked and then this dirty blonde haired fellow walked passed us and I asked my friend who he was and she introduced me to him. After filling my purse with donuts and eating a kolache… his laughter to my odd jokes made me wonder, “Seven is one of my favorite numbers and I realized how beautiful God’s timing is.” Let’s go on and daydream…

His eyes were a mixture of green and blue, his smile was sincere and gentle, and his presence seemed warm and inviting. After getting back in my car and driving back to my place I laughed and wondered, “Who is this man?”

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