Currently: I am in awe with life and what has been happening so far.
During the end of 2015 I’ve learned a lesson for myself… a “junk food satisfaction”. A curiosity which should have been concealed, a curiosity of wanting to be right and a curiosity of licking an old wound which should’ve been let go years ago.
I didn’t. I am not proud, but I’m learning.
Due to my pride and quick assumptions of realizing “I’m not the problem” I finally calmed my wired thoughts and admitted this is such a character flaw for myself. I was consumed by the little demons which echoed of “You assumed this, and you were right. Let us hope this and this will happen. It will be worth it.”

-Photo by Me-
This is a new year for me and I don’t want to begin the new year by having a character flaw when it comes to my past, or what is currently going on in my life. Therefore, I decided to have character development for this year. Being well aware that my actions won’t jeopardize who I am individually, and for others. Realizing my worth for myself and also know other people are worthy too, in their own way.
“I found freedom whenever I stopped praying for God to give me what I wanted
and learned to say ‘Your will, not mine.'” (via tumblr)



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