a soothing echo

Finally, a new month… I have never felt so relieved for it to happen. I woke up this morning sighing with comfort to know it’s another month. Another month full of memories. I must say, the past month has been trying and emotionally exhausting.

On Saturday, I had some “me time” and I drove to the mall and while I was driving God’s immense love echoed in my heart and I was repeating those words until I was able to stop at a stop light and quickly type what was on my heart and mind as fast as I could on my phone. I am so grateful for God’s guidance throughout this year so far.

It’s been quite some time where I have shared my writings and here is one for this year. 🙂

[Written on: 2.27.2016]
Don’t burden yourself by clinging to the flaws of your past.
Your heart doesn’t deserve to be hardened or despaired.
For your heart is pacing ever so calmly by the love of our Father’s mercy.

Photo by Sasha Davas-

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