a memorable endeavor

After a somewhat long drive, we enjoyed an evening where we were gathered together with mutual friends. Filling our hearts, minds and appetite with laughter.

The laughter kept echoing from one ear out to the other and quickly became a distant humming. There was finally silence and there was only us. Ten feet away from each other. Admiring the bonfire, the quiet noises of the bugs and the night sky.

We spoke of endless stories of when we moved, why we moved and why we are are here, My mind was full of thoughts and what ifs. Most of all: my mind was full of thankfulness for friendships and smiling because I was happy where I am. I was happy because this night will be a wonderful memory to look back on.

A hushed sigh and the silence immediately became an anxious voice exclaiming a quick trip to a place where the stars gleamed so bright and open.

While we were walking side by side as everyone else quickly walked ahead of us. We looked up gazing at the stars and being mesmerized with how open and clear the night sky was. Laughter quickly became evident as how the stars reminded us of a childhood disney movie.

There was a full moon that evening and the sky looked so bright. Silence crept in, we stood still. Silent echos of hopefulness tiptoeing through my mind until the nightfall dwindled down and I awaited for the next day, full of wonder.

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