genuine beauty

This gift (picture below) was given to me four years ago during Christmas and I am so grateful for it. I have it hanging up on my fridge as a reminder that, although, some days are very trying and challenging with the children – I keep my chin up and know I am where I need to be. God has blessed me with this talent of patience and strength for this profession.

Last week has been a very special moment for me. This blog post is a very personal one for me to share. I am proud to announce I have been working with children and adolescents who have Autism and other developmental delays for seven years. I am ecstatic! When I was first introduced to this profession I never knew how much meaning it will be for me.

Seven years later… I’m still learning.

I’ve mostly been working in the clinic where I have experienced many obstacles (sometimes verbally, other times physically, mostly emotionally) with all of the opportunities (good, fair, unjust) I am proud to say I haven’t felt any immense urge of being burnt out. There were a few moments where I have wondered “Is this the right job for me?” I prayed about it a lot and realize my own curiosity about how life is without working with children… Kind of dull. These emotions will ebb and flow. It’s very important to have passion in what you do and the excitement it brings from time to time.

There are moments through the years that I have seen a turnover rate. This profession isn’t an easy job to handle. You have to put both your feet in and learn to have thick skin and continual motivation to know there will be progress, there will be moments of feeling helpless. However, those baby steps you do during your therapy brings so much significance in the long run.

Seven years later… I’m still in awe.
Seven years later… I am so thankful there is more research with children who have Autism and other developmental delays.
Seven years later… I continually strive to  focus and know this is a child and/or teenager where the parents/family have entrusted you with. You have a person to help.

I, obviously, if I had any superpower given to me I would choose to heal people. I have no interest to heal them physically (in life there is a deeper meaning than reviving our own flesh), but by my prayers to them, or by healing them by comforting them, give them many warm hugs, to support them during a chapter in their lives, or just being with them even in the silence. A companion of calmness for my family and/or friends hearts…

I’m getting off topic.

Although, April is the month to celebrate “Light it Up Blue!” it is quite crucial to understand that my field will always be present. After all the pomp and circumstance of sponsorship and donations… it still exists. There are needs that need to be met and sometimes it doesn’t happen over night. Sometimes, these goals for the children and teenagers happen in a few months or gradually can turn into years, but when they reach their goal it is a wonderful feeling to see the parents eyes water to see improvement. Even if it’s a baby step.

Life is so precious and I am grateful to see the beauty with all these children I am currently working with, or have worked with.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” -Dr. Seuss


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