When I first moved down to the south, I was absolutely terrified to be leaving my hometown. Coincidentally, it was the same town where I exhausted the subject of “I never want to live here when I am older.” I was in disbelief with my thoughts and they became a reality. I was in the south, unaware of the atmosphere and the people.

I actively searched for various churches and fell in love with the appearance of this church. I hesitated at first due to the size of the church, but then realized I should go anyway. Thanks to my resistance of so called “fear” this is how I met my best friend.

It was her first year of teaching and we met through young adult bible study. Well, I remember inviting her to join me because she looked like a great “single” gal like me and I just wanted friendship. We became friends instantly and ever since then we became church buddies who sat next to each other at church and then went together to a Bible study after the service.

There were times some people laughed by our height difference and called us “Batman + Robin” and I guess I was Robin. My friend, M, is 5’11” and I’m slightly shorter. Slightly, slightly shorter.

One of my favorite things about my friendship with her is that she is quite sound about the reality of our lives, but also all about “grace + truth” when it comes to faith in our lives. I admire her character so much. There are moments where I react, think emotionally and I tell her about it. She puts me back to reality and I discern my true logic with things rather than depend on the emotional part.

Another favorite thing about our friendship is: she is quite creative with putting things together whether it is for a party, a gift and it is always within a budget, or not much at all. I love the simplicity and effort she does for putting different designs together.

After many trips to Chipotle, Salata and Sonic our friendship has grown so much. Although, I am no longer a citizen to the wonderful south. I am thankful for her willingness and loving the fact that we won’t forget each other.

Personally, I have always struggled accepting friendships. I have had moments where they casually slip away and there is no way to mold it back up. I do admire the the reality of being thankful for what was because those are certainly Beautiful and Heartwarming times.

I must say, my friendship with M, currently, has been such a reward and a rich blessing for me. I love you, M, I miss you all the time and I am so thankful that I can still communicate with you via phone call and text.

M, your smile is captivating.
M, your height can be intimidating, but it is certainly a strength of bravery + might.
M, your love for youth and sharing your faith is refreshing to see.
M, I admire your kindness.
M, I admire your patience.
M, I admire your soft words of encouragement.

Keep being beautiful and wonderful. The next time I see you, I will give you a long, warm and tight hug. Never wanting to let go because you are so important to me.

Thank you for praying for me and thinking of me during my joyous times in life and also my hardest. Thank you for letting me cry on your shoulder when I needed a person to cry to.

M, I also want to say you are always on my thoughts and prayers. I pray God blesses you richly on what ever endeavors He has blessed you with, or challenged you with.

Ending this post with her favorite Bible verse:

But now, this is what the Lord says – he who created you, Jacob, he who formed you, Israel
 “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine.” |Isaiah 43:1|

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