bountiful goodness + mercy

Hello 🙂 One of my previous blogs I paraphrased Ruth 1:16 (favorite Bible verse!) and I was so excited to find a beautiful little gem at Mardel’s… a new addition to my car. 🙂

bountiful goodness + mercy 7-25-16

In other news, life has been wonderful. I am continually thanking God for these little blessings in my life and what ever endeavor he has for me in the future.

When I think of Ruth 1:16, I am in complete awe by the obedience she had for Naomi and to God. It’s so refreshing to see her faith and how God held her hand so tightly along the way and she didn’t let go. There are times in my life that I want to let go, I casually refused to be obedient and run somewhere that is easier. In reality: I should face different situations which will help me learn to grow and to understand my own character that is pleasing in God’s eyes.

God is so good and I am utterly thankful by His love which He gives us so fully. His love will always make us whole, however, we desire and ache for an earthly love which will never be whole. We need to continually strive to trust His ways for us and the exciting thing is… we are one day closer separating ourselves from the chains of inconsistent love and one day closer to rejoicing with Him and understanding a love so deep and satisfying. What a joyful (forever) moment that will be!

I pray this week will be filled with God’s immense warmth of goodness, His reassuring and comforting love pour within your hearts. I pray God’s arms will wrap around you and He hugs you tenderly… you are His sons and daughters. He will be the only One who will protect you from a fear you will never understand or have the answers to and He will eliminate every pain you endure. For He is a gracious God who desires you to come Home.

Godspeed to y’all this week. 🙂


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