lifting up my heart

-Skillet; Stars-
“But til you come, and you call to me by name.
If you could hold the stars in place,
you can hold my heart the same.
So here I am lifting up my heart
to the One who holds the stars.”

Hello! I have been quite indecisive when it comes to social media. I have been guilty with deleting accounts and wished I didn’t. There are moments I deleted accounts and I have been relieved I did. There are other times I wonder why I cannot make up my mind, or why I make accounts multiple times until I get weary about it and I finally let go.

In life, I have been so selective on what I wear or who it’s from. I have to admit that I do follow various fashion blogs as it’s a religion itself and then I come back to reality and admit it’s superficial.

What brings both (social media + brand names) together is: empty and completely temporary. As much as I share my highlight reel on social media and as much as I show off what I own… it will never make me whole. Nothing on this earth will ever make me whole. I must say, God has blessed me richly with what He has given me, He has blessed me richly with the convenience of social media and being able to keep in touch with those I love (family + friendships) whether they’re a few hours away, or states away. I truly appreciate it all, however, I need to recognize and be fully aware of my pride when it comes to what I own (clothes, accessories, etc), or what I display on social media. Life is all about comparison and I do that constantly.

Anyway, I have been listening to Skillet for years and this song was on a playlist on spotify and I resonate with the lyrics so much (for this week)! I need to lift my heart to the One who holds the stars. God can easily burst my pride and remove everything from me so rapidly. It’s quite a scary thing to realize, but at the same time… I shouldn’t be desperate for things on this earth (which is an easy way to linger and blindly depend on “stuff”). My heart needs to focus on my whole livelihood for Christ and knowing He has given me what I already need. I need to continually learn to give so willingly for those in need and share Christ’s love fully. I need to diligently ignore my casual wants and deeply desire a need God has for us: Eternity.


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