-Anna Golden; Yours Forever-

Hello 🙂 this past week I had a wonderful opportunity to be with a few of my STARS sisters and met a handful of new friends for this event where I learned a lot about them altogether and individually from their passions, interests and company. One of my exciting moments from the event is when we all woke up early Friday morning and gathered with other people devoting our hearts and songs to the Lord and I was so utterly moved! Thankfully, I was able to record a few of the songs the guest artist sung.

This week I have been feeling so loved and so beautiful and so confident in who I am. I truly am thankful that I am surrounded by amazing people and, most importantly, God who loves me unconditionally and fully!

I was on Spotify and discovered this singer; Anna Golden and her voice is so angelic! The video above is one of my favorite songs….

My other favorites from her are:
Changing Me // How Deep is the Father’s Love for Us // Take Me There

If you have the time, please go and listen to those songs! They’re so rewarding and beautiful.


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