autumn asks

autumn again 10-29-16
-Photo by Me-

Happy Saturday! While I was looking through tumblr I discovered this cute “Autumn questionnaire” Enjoy!! 🙂

Autumn: What’s your favorite thing about Autumn?
I have too many favorites! The leaves changing color and wearing cozy sweaters,

Apples: What’s your favorite type of apple?
Green apple. I love how sweet they are.

Apple Cider: What’s your favorite seasonal drink?
Pumpkin spiced latte or cream that is pumpkin-spiced

Bonfires: Do you prefer going out or staying in on a fall evening?
Depends on my mood. I like going out and smelling the air, but I also love staying in and reading a book or watch Netfllix.

Boots: Favorite pair of shoes/boots you own?
I have these black Madewell boots I recently purchased and I am in love with them!!

Candles: What’s your favorite fall scent?
I don’t have one.

Caramel Apples: Favorite Halloween candy?
Caramel apples with nuts! Yum.

Fairs: Have you ever been to a state fair? How was it?
I haven’t gone to one in quite some time.

Flannel: How many blankets do you sleep with in the fall/winter?
I probably sleep with 4 because I love layering and I get cold very easily.

Fuzzy Socks: How do you spend a night in the fall?
Layer up in my pjs and have a heater next to me and watch tv.

Halloween: Do you plan on going out for Halloween this year? And as what?
Already passed. I did go to my works Halloween party and I was this… guess.

Hot Chocolate: How do you make/order hot chocolate?
I use those ready to make hot chocolate. Buy the packets in a box.

Leaves: What’s your favorite color the leaves turn?
Red… it’s so breathtaking!

Mini pumpkins: How do you decorate for fall/Halloween?
I am not that festive when it comes to decorating.

Pumpkin: Do you carve a pumpkin for Halloween?
No, I do not. I do remember, though, carving pumpkins in grade school with my special friend (lower grades & upper grades) in the park. Lovely memories.

Pumpkin Spice: Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
YES. I am that person.

Pumpkin Pie: What’s your favorite autumnal dessert?
Cherry pie.

Rain: How do you spend a rainy day in?
Wearing very comfy pjs and cover myself up with a blanket and watch netflix.

Sweaters: What’s your favorite sweater?
I bought this dark gray/black turtleneck sweater at JC Penney and I love wearing leggings with it. 🙂

Scarves: What’s your favorite album to listen to in the fall?
I don’t have a favorite album.


Well, that was lovely. I hope you have a great Saturday!


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