twenty / sixteen

Begin with:
Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering,
for He who promised is faithful.
|Hebrews 10:23|

I must say, this year has been emotionally hard, but so rewarding at the same time. A wonderful reflection of God’s immense love, prayer, hope and faithfulness to Him. One of my dearest friends said this to me shortly after I moved, “Being obedient to God is a wonderful thing, but it is not always an easy path.” I resonated with this statement because I was clinging to God so desperately this year.

Here is a collage of the “highlight reel” of this year:
Details about this year (begin the top left)

1. This photo was taken shortly after my older sisters funeral in February. I loved how the sun lit through the stained glass window. I was in quiet tears because I was still in shock with everything. I miss you and I love you. There is not a day that goes by where I think of you and how much I wished you knew and understood how loved you were. Here are two posts I wrote about my sister: 1 + 2

2 + 3. It was shortly before Easter and I needed to get away and have a mini vacation. I went and visited one of my friends (who I’ve known since grade school) and she showed me this beautiful spot where she sees a sunrise and I just reflected upon it and in awe of God’s wonderful beauty. The next picture was at a cute little cafe we went to in a neighborhood town and it used to be a church, but was redesigned as a cafe and antique place. I loved the whole place. There were Bible verses everywhere and artifacts of the past. I loved it. Here’s a video: Sunrise

4. Near my home I discovered a beautiful spot where I could take pictures of a sunrise and I just stood there astounded and continually in awe of God’s beauty. Here’s a video: Sunrise

5. During the Spring/Summer season I was so grateful to come home from work and be able to capture the sunset and I sat in the parking lot, having time with the Lord and wonder about my life and wonder what my purpose is. I am still figuring that out, but I am thankful God is always present in my life.

6. I visited with dear friends of mine in the south, visited the university my friends went to and amazed how big they made this ring. I couldn’t reach it, but it was such a fun moment to be under it. The weather was very humid though. Yikes. I am so thankful for friendships and I appreciated being with them even more. Even though we are miles away. Thank God for technology and being able to communicate with them so quickly via phone call, text or social media.

7. My niece wanted me to read her a story from the Bible and so I did. I captured it with such amazement to know God loves us. He loves us so much and died for us. He knows our names even before we were born. I look at this picture and reflect that I will do the same for my own children someday. Raise them up to love Jesus and the excitement of how loved they truly are.

8. I took this picture of a closet where there wasn’t much clothes in it and it made me realize what is truly important in this world. The clothes you own and the brands you wear, or being the disciple for Christ. I visit my aunt every once in a while (she is in senior living) and it made me realize the importance of family and loved ones. It doesn’t matter about what clothes you get or who you are trying to impress. It’s about who you are surrounding with. That’s so important. Sometimes I get sidetracked/distracted/blinded by what I see on Pinterest, but it’s temporary. Everything on this earth is temporary. It’s a surreal thought, but a reality we need to not avoid.

9. Lastly, God has richly blessed me with an unexpected blessing. I love this photo very much because it makes me think about traveling and “Jesus taking the wheel”. Trusting His timing and His will for us. I want to always be willing and obedient to let Him lead my life. I don’t want to be bitter about not having things my way, but have the full confidence that God will always be in control in everything in my life. My favorite motto: “To God Be the Glory!” Now and Always.

I am very ready about the New Year and what God has in store for me. I pray God blesses those I love, and also myself where we will encounter various circumstances. I pray my reaction will be full of love and grace!


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