Photo by me-


-Another photo by me-

From time to time I love going to this small cafe in the city. I work with children who have Autism and I do in-home therapy. Between being at the clinic and seeing my clients at home I really, really enjoying visiting this coffee place.

This little coffee place feels like home because there are books on the shelves and I love it so much! I used to be so addicted to going to Starbucks and then one day I realize I am spending more than my share on their coffee and so I stopped visiting there. Every once in a while I do grab their blueberry muffins because they are amazing!

In this modern era where technology is all the rage and the immediacy it brings. I like the fact this coffee (or cafe) doesn’t display a brand image, or what’s most popular, or hiding behind your computer screen. I like how it takes me back to reality and know there are books on the shelves screaming to be read and a story needing to be told. There are other times I see people read the magazines or newspapers and I just love the atmosphere even more.

Sometimes when I do visit there are times where there is a person playing guitar, singing a melody that makes their heart joyful. I like seeing the tables of people not feeling rushed or distracted.

The Cafe’s purpose is for people to gather together versus gathering yourself in front of your screen whether it’s your phone and/or your laptop. I must say, I am so guilty to be so busy doing work on my laptop, or just filling a void and looking through Pinterest. The reality is… we easily get sidetracked with our schedules and sometimes we need to take a moment and look up to see what is right in front of you… The person you enjoy talking to. 🙂


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