impressions, part I

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Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.
|Colossians 3:23|

 Good morning. 🙂 I have put a lot of thought and hesitation for posting my thoughts for this recent blog post. Recently, I had a discussion with a friend about social media and I was honestly baffled and realized myself and everyone else’s impression on a persons account (i.e. twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc.) and how their concept of “likes” and “comments” is and it really made me think about the internet and how it is such a blessing to interact to those who live far away, but at the same time it is such a flaw.

I also had a very great discussion with another friend of mine last evening and it definitely, definitely intertwines in this post. My friend last evening said this, “when you see someone’s account and what they post, what pictures they show, or what they share is a perfect example of how that person is.”

I am sure there are judgment calls when I see accounts. I am so guilty of that, but at the same time I am also a very private person and don’t express “likes” or “comments” publicly. I am more comfortable to send a private message/note to the person about their “status update” or “photo” and that is what works for me.

Some other people, I know, are so caring and so giving to “like” and “comment” publicly and sometimes I am in awe of that because (in my view point) they don’t care about what people think. I, on the other hand, do have the insecurity to be cautious with what I like and what I say.

Our impressions towards a persons account can be right on, but at the same time it could be way off too. I am a firm believer of knowing a person and interacting with them in person and conversing with them in person. I believe that is so crucial in today’s world about socializing and learning to communicate.

Communication is an obvious role in social media and a way to help and make your “relationships” grow and it is so important, but I don’t want to live my life putting my eyes constantly on the screen and responding to every person who “likes/comments” on my stuff. I am sincerely grateful, but that is also too much energy to respond every single time.

Internet world/technology is not the real world. It’s a nice filler to “fill the void” until you see the person you care and love again, and sometimes it will be a while until you see them again.

Interaction and relationships with people are a beautiful and special thing. I thank God for blessing us with technology and stay in touch with those we love. We do need to remember, though, that man can do so much with social media. Don’t get so caught up with “liking/commenting” things and make it as a god itself and expecting stuff in return. Remember to just live life, enjoy it to the fullest and learning humility through it instead of expectations.

Especially with those who is there with you in person. You could easily be so distracted by focusing so much on your relationships to those on the internet and your focus is not with the person who is with you, hand in hand.

I honestly don’t know where I am going with this. I am ranting.

Blessings on your day!

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