She opens her mouth with wisdom,
and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.
||Proverbs 31:26||



I met this lovely friend of mine during my first “grown up” job. I was there for quite some time and, although, she worked there shorter amount of time than I did. We briefly lost touch. I did create a LinkedIn account and discovered my friend, A, on there and we reconnected.

It is so refreshing to see how casual and wonderful our friendship has blossomed. While I used to live in the south, A and I had multiple phone calls trying to meet somewhere in between to hang out and catch up. Now I am miles away and we still have the opportunity to Skype, call each other on the phone, message each other with encouraging Bible verses or quotes from amazing (Godly) women who wrote various bible studies!

A few of my favorite characteristics about our friendship is we can rely on each other through prayer, encouragement, honesty and love. There are multiple occurrences where I get very down in the dumps and analyze my life or situations, and she is there to allow my thoughts and my heart to avoid discouragement and allow my eyes to look up and see God’s beauty in all of it.

I have many dear friends of mine who I am so utterly thankful to share my “walk of life” for the Lord through my ups and downs.

A, thank you for being a wonderful friend.
Thank you for answering the phone when I desperately needed someone to talk to.
Thank you for your gentle and quiet spirit of love you have given to me through my joys in life, and also trials.
Thank you for your echoes of enthusiasm you’ve given to me as I hope for the plans I want in life and also your echoes of grace by reminding me that it is always in God’s hands, and His timing.

Most of all, A, thank you for being a wonderful “sister in Christ” through my life when we first met, also for today, and even more “thank you’s” for our upcoming chapters in life: together + individually. As we both strive to do anything and everything we do in a Christ-like manner… full of grace, humility, love and abundant joy through our happy moments and our grieving moments.

I love you so much! You are truly a blessing to me and I do not take blessings lightly. I want to hold onto these blessings as tight as I am able to.

Although, I am reminded daily by the blessings God has given me I, too, need to remember to be a blessing for others in whatever capacity God sees fit.

To give, and to give, and to give.
Be the Blessing.
Be the Light.
Be the heartwarming fire to someone in need of safety.
Be the calm and soothing voice of someone who needs healing.

Most of all, be thankful and be present.


The photo I chose, metaphorically, displays how we use a rope with those we love. Two people hold onto it: Do we let go of the rope, do we pull it, do we make it as a hazard for the other person, or do we make it unsafe for ourselves. In life we need to learn to give and receive. Compromise and learn to have the willingness to accept that being vulnerable is okay.


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