steadfast love + faithfulness

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Lady Gaga subject on Hate

[I tried to embed the video, but didn’t know how to keep the video on here,
so click on the link.]

“…and the only thing we all know and we all appreciate in one another is kindness.
This has to come before all things, and you must operate relentlessly this way, with everything you have.” -Lady Gaga

I had a very deep discussion last evening about my own views about my life, and their own views about their life. In the beginning of this year two of my best friends and I do this thing about choosing a word that we want to act on, or learn from for this year. We began this idea a few years ago (maybe 3?) and the word I chose was “Understanding” I’m sure I mentioned this in one of my previous posts, but God has certainly put in my heart full of understanding on my own actions, families actions, friends actions, etc.

God has such an uncanny way of letting me “understand” and appreciate my friends views, or my families. I am very guilty of reasoning and accepting my own thoughts and thinking is always right, but in reality. I can be in the wrong, too.

One of my friends on facebook land shared this video and it definitely resonated with me because I saw this after I was done talking with C and it was very touching because in reality, in the end of the day…. whether your past come back to realize your worth, or you realizing your worth within yourself. Learn to be kind and be kind to everyone you meet. Look beyond your own opinion of self-worth and realize you can be even more worthy to those who need it.

There’s a big adjustment and prayer for me, personally, to admit that I am wrong sometimes (or most times) and I just need to breathe and know God is so good and He wants us to be a blessing for everyone through our actions and words. Obviously, there are moments where we do need to know the importance of others in our lives, and there are other moments to respect that everyone has their own way to heal, or to improve for themselves.

Now may the Lord show steadfast love and faithfulness to you.
And I will do good to you because you have done this thing.
|2 Samuel 2:6|

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