His descent


A fun little collage over the weekend. 🙂

Every summer I celebrate with my dad on Father’s day (along with my family) and the blessings he has given me throughout his life. The celebration with family immediately made me think about how important to surround yourself with people you love.

How incredible to see God work through people, how much growth you see when you’re with them, how much pride you have for them and their accomplishments, how joyful you can be by their excitement of living life fully.

It is also a reminder that, although, I have an amazing family. I am also a daughter of Christ and it is so wonderful to know He is my All, in All.

So this is an appreciation blog post of those I love, and I am truly grateful. 🙂

Top left photo: Double rainbow… a promise of God’s beautiful and immense love for us.
Top right photo: A mini trip finding somewhere to eat and I was taking photos. 🙂
Bottom left photo: Lovely sunset a few nights ago.
Bottom right photo: Visited my brother’s house and his doggies are such goofballs.


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