in awe

-Hollyn; In Awe-

“You’re so holy and worthy
You know what I’ve been
I’m livin’ in awe
Every day I fall
But You never let me go”

What a heavy battle ground this world can become. It has already shown so much pain, heartbreak and division. However, in spite of all that I am completely in awe there is still so much love, forgiveness, patience, mercy in this life through those we love.

I’m also in awe that God expanded what we feel for others through our actions and words, multiplied it by His grace through Jesus. Yes, there is turmoil, hatred, bitterness, jealousy, etc. There is a whole list, but looking aside and seeing so many little blessings He has given us in spite of our sins… is truly unbelievable.

God has always known every little detail in our hearts, our actions, our words and yet He still displays compassion everyday and I’m utterly in awe by His immense love and mercy. God’s capacity of light continues to grow within our hearts as we are near to him. The different stages of the battleground slowly becomes easier to confront because our security and protection is not by the bondage of what we are wearing in the war, but by the security and protection with His invisible shield where Jesus has given us to allow us to be whole, someday, for eternity.

I hope your week has been great. I cannot believe July is coming up the end of this week! June has come and gone within a blink of an eye!

God’s richest blessings to you now, and always!

For you, O Lord, are good and forgiving,
abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you.
|Psalm 86:5|

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