-Photo by my brother-


“Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm…”
|Song of Songs 8:16|

Personally, glorifying God everyday as a single person is such an exceptional thing because it was just me, I knew my quirks and my flaws and what I was (for the most part). After being married it is definitely a different angle on how to glorify God because we are doing it individually, but also together as a couple.


I am a person full of flaws and forgetfulness, and there are so many moments I just do not think and my husband (who I immediately expect to be mad) he doesn’t. He’s calm and he is so patient with me and forgives me in spite of that. Forgiveness is a hard task, and there are times I learn to do the same for him. Although, we’re imperfect I am truly grateful we express love even more through our times of disagreements.


When we first started dating I prayed for him daily whether in person, or sending an audio through message. The prayers, firstly, was about his faith in the Lord and continue to grow to be the man of God he needs to be through actions and words. The rest of the prayer basically consisted of God to keep him safe, to comfort him through trials of any kind.

My prayer for my husband hasn’t changed much after we’re married, but I am a firm believer prayer is a beautiful testimony of selflessness. I continue to pray for my husband and his kind-hearted, goofy personality as he not only blesses me, but blesses everyone he comes in contact to. Although, prayer is a significant role of relying on God’s unconditional love and will for each of us, I also have to remind myself in prayer to be a loving wife: encouraging, supportive, compassionate, and honest in everything I do and say.

I must say, it is not an easy task to adjust from being single for so long and worrying about your own problems, and realize your own problems aren’t yours anymore. They’re your husbands and vice versa. They are a part of your life now, every little flaw and joy are theirs too. I am also aware this marriage will be rocky through the years, but also very joyous too. I pray God continually molds each of us through the years as we continue to compliment each other through the seasons that will happen to us.



As our marriage grows, we continue to learn about each other and be with each other, and also learn to have the independence/interests for ourselves too. I remember being single and I learned to let others in (especially strong, Christian women) who will guide me, pray for me, and support me through whatever endeavors I choose to gear towards. That is the same benefit during marriage. Be open and welcoming when people come into our marriage. Learn to have a great example of those who are couples too (young and old) and also those who are have families. Teaching opportunities are always constant in our everyday lives, and I am so thankful God brings people in our lives to mold us with understanding a Godly marriage and pray for us when times are tough.


Glorifying God is the most rewarding and exceptional thing to do in this world, and I pray God uses my husband and I to be that wonderful example as a couple, and also as parents.

Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory,
because of your love and faithfulness.
|Psalm 115:1|

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