twenty / seventeen

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
and He will make straight your paths.
||Proverbs 3:5-6||

Two of my dearest friends and I think of a word to use for the upcoming year. I am guessing 2018 will be our fourth year to do this. The word we choose is based on what we want to gain in our faith in the Lord for the new year, or what we need to concentrate on due to lack of this or that the previous year.

The word I chose for 2017 is:

Oh my, this year has been full of understanding and awareness and patience and honesty.

Beginning with knowing my boyfriend and his quirks, and transitioning towards him being my husband. For us to commit to each other, saying our vows to God and our loved ones, and finishing the year in anticipation for our little bundle of joy. So many blessings to be thankful for, but also so many tears of thankfulness for God’s rich mercy towards my husband and I.

-Here is a collage of my ‘highlight reel’ from this year-


1. I love watching Fixer Upper on HGTV. In March my Mom and I drove down to Texas and visited Magnolia Silos!! I was so ecstatic and definitely spoiled myself with a green “Magnolia Seed + Supply” hat and a breathtaking metal sign that says “ACT Justly, LOVE Mercy, WALK Humbly” which is from Micah 6:8. I looked on the website and said it was no longer available. I also bought two tshirts (in black and blue) and I use them as pjs. πŸ™‚ I also enjoyed going to their bakery! My Mom and I went to see it the afternoon (shortly before they closed), but the line was so long. So we woke up early the next morning and waited on a much shorter line. Their blueberry muffins were so good! I must say, I did not need any of this stuff, but I bought it anyway! More photos from Magnolia Silos on my VSCO page.

2. A day before my birthday I was with my family and C surprised me and bought a Canon DSLR camera!! I was absolutely shocked and so excited to use it! Normally, people ask me what I want for my birthday, and I usually reply with “nothing” or “saying happy birthday and giving me a hug is just enough” I kept taking so many photos during our drive through the country roads. One of my favorite photos I have taken from my camera is when we were flying back to our home and stopped in Denver and we saw this view before we went to our hotel. I am so excited to use this camera more often when the baby comes. Capturing every little moment. πŸ™‚

3 + 4. I said “I Do” to one of my dearest friends and made a commitment to God and our loved ones (family, a few friends) at the church I grew up in. My father gave the vows and I could not be any happier knowing C’s grandparents, especially his grandpa was there to celebrate with us. As months went on, C’s grandpa passed away and rested in God’s loving arms. We sure do miss him, but so thankful C’s grandpa was able to be there with us during our special day and so grateful we have photos to cherish. πŸ™‚ C’s grandparents just celebrated 70 years of marriage, and it’s so rare to see devotion like that. I pray God blesses C and I on our marriage to be devoted to each other through our seasons, but most importantly to be devoted and faithful to God and be an example for our child(ren). // One of my lovely friends bought this beautiful bracelet for me as a wedding gift! I love it so much. I love how the cross will always be constant in my life, especially this new chapter. I love pearls and initial of my last name. I am such a sucker for sentimental gifts, and this one really made my heart full.

5 + 6. My husband and I went to northern California to visit a friend of mine who lives north of San Francisco and she was able to be off work and we went to see Yosemite and it was so nice yet so packed with many tourists. Our goal on our vacation trip was to visit the Redwoods and it was so spectacular and we loved, loved, loved how open and quiet it was. We ended the trip visiting Alcatraz and was able to see one of the men who was there. His name is William “Bill” Baker.

7. Baby shower. Baby Shower. Baby Shower. I was overwhelmed by so much love and support for C + I as we received so many gifts for our little bundle of joy. My husband and I decided for the baby to be a surprise and not know the sex of the baby until I give birth. I must say, as the baby shower and a pool of gifts being mailed to us; the majority of our gifts were very practical and necessary instead of having clothes. I love, love, love giving “thank you” cards or “thinking of you” cards to people and so happy I found these cute baby ones at Target! I am so guilty of walking through the card aisle at Target and collecting various ones just in case. πŸ™‚

8. Winter season began December 21st and I ached to see snow and feel like “CHRISTMAS” during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day… and it happened! I was so thrilled. I took various pictures outside of my house, and was just in awe. Unfortunately, the sun appeared later in the day and the snow melted that afternoon. A few weeks prior, I have seen so many friends playing in the snow in Texas and I was so jealous they had a wintery wonderland because I wanted the SAME THING, and it happened. I still can’t get over how lovely and pure snow is!

9. Lastly, I found a photo via instagram and wanted to imitate the photo. Our first attempt wasn’t too bad! I brought my camera to my father-in-law’s house and asked my sister-in-law to snap it. It didn’t turn out bad at all, but I wanted more and bothered my husband to take it outside. Hehe.

Overall, I cannot wait for 2018 and what the future holds, and so thankful for God’s continued guidance, strength, and love for me and God’s love for those surrounding me. I pray 2018 will be fruitful and sincere. I pray 2018 will be a brighter year for those who thought 2017 was a burden.

I am a firm believer things get so much better even if it might take little steps, instead of leaps. The year 2016 was a very rough year for me personally, but 2017 was a promising light for me, and unexpected one too.

As a new year unfolds, always remember this:
To God Be the Glory” for now, and always.


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