song of my father

-Urban Rescue; Song of my Father-

You Still my Soul
with Quiet Joy.


I must stay, I have been contemplating to continue this blog. I told myself to give a few weeks to figure out what was truly necessary for me. I have decided that I have already developed this new appreciation knowing reality is so much better and so I will post on special occasions.

In the past I was glued to my laptop especially with my addiction towards social media. My decision to unplug and be (sort of) off the grid I have many opportunities to be a mother where I am preoccupied by my child who has full awareness towards various objects, motions, and also themselves.

As I see myself holding my child, I keep whispering “I love you” and give them kisses over, and over again as a reminder that my child is safe, my child is loved, my child will always have my arms, my husband’s arms wrapped around them as a reminder of our unconditional love. Never going astray, but a beautiful ripple affect.

The song I have on this blog post is the same way as how God approaches us. His soft voice to us is like sweet melodies in our ears. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend.


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