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Good evening,

As I write this post…. on instagram I have been following multiple hashtags which consists of: budgeting, livelikenooneelse, debtisdumb, debtfreejourney, debtfreecommunity // also following Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, etc.

What began my process on living on a budget was when I was single and living down south and everything was so tight for me. I lived on my own, paid for rent, utilities, car payment, on and off with school payments (unfortunately went to deferment due to being unable to pay it all), 1 credit card, etc. The list was endless and I felt like I was swallowing and wondering why I allowed myself to live this way and how far I’ve gone.

One of my good friends from church was telling me about Dave Ramsey’s class called “Financial Peace University” and I immediately went online to find a class where I can be a part of and a big thanks to my mother she paid for my class for my birthday. I was the youngest one there and I was so motivated to be on my debt free journey and it lasted for a good 6-8 months. I was able to pay off my 1 credit card, unfortunately, I did not keep up with my accountability partner and I fell back to the loophole of my behavior.

When I moved back near my family my debt accumulated with (terrible to admit, but I honestly don’t remember the accurate amount for these at that time):

  • Car Note
  • 2 credit cards (unfortunately opened them up due to moving and did not have the funds to be able to. DOH!)
  • School Loans (was on and off with being able to make payments)
  • Dentist Bill
  • Car Insurance
  • Netflix Bill

A little over a year after I moved back up I met this guy who was so unexpectedly wonderful and we were getting married. Before we got married I told him my misfortunes of DEBT and he was like, “my oh my!” Thankfully, my husband is SO GOOD with money that he didn’t have much debt (well except that he has a credit card) at all and that made me feel more at ease, but also a failure knowing I shouldn’t be in this predicament and it was my responsibility to be out of it.

Currently my debt has accumulated with (yikes!!):

  • 2 credit cards (hopefully able to pay one of them off by the middle of January and the other by end of February)
  • School Loans (have been able to pay off every month, thankfully!)
  • 2 Dentists Bill (if only my teeth didn’t have problems… 2 crowns later)
  • Doctor Bill (one of the last bills due to having my child)
  • Phone Bill (additional amount on the bill due to monthly payments towards my Google Pixel 2, my Nexus phone died while my husband and I were on our honeymoon last year and I was SO bummed because that phone was paid off in full)
  • Surface Pro (I’ve had my previous laptop for 10 years and my husband surprised me and bought me one during Black Friday)

What we’ve paid off this year thus far:

  • Last month I paid my LAST car note (Total: $25,261.67) I also included the full price was with late fees too. It was so wonderful and I never felt so accomplished to pay it off and not have a car note this month. Oh and more real receiving my title too! I must say, when I bought my car: I bought it brand new with only 19 miles and I signed to pay the car for 5 years and it’s DONE. I have definitely learned my lesson and understanding to save as much as I can for my next future vehicle and I won’t have any expenses or get it brand new.
  • We cancelled DISH over the summer, we have an antenna and we’re happy to have local stations.
  • I also decreased how much data we use every month and removed my husband’s insurance on his phone. Thankful, it’ll be a bit lower in January 2019!
  • Paid off my wedding ring.

2019 is fast approaching and my goal for next year is to pay off surface pro this month, pay off google pixel in January, pay off my 2 credit cards (close them!) hopefully by February, dentist bill and doctor bill COMPLETELY by Spring/Summer and as much as I can with my student loans during the remainder of the year. My future goal is to pay my student loans off before I turn 33.

This year I have been able to print off the spreadsheets from Financial Peace University and made a binder of all my debt and look through it every month. I also added Every Dollar app on my phone.

I’ll keep posting about my debt free journey for 2019! Subjects I thought of:

  • My debt free journey
  • What I was taught about loans
  • Thoughts on how to raise my child to understand finances.
  • Marriage and money (which I have seen Rachel Cruze has a tour for this in the upcoming year and I REALLY want to go!)

I am honestly not perfect with money, but I am thankful God provides and blesses us with income and tackle debt in an honest and true way. Dave Ramsey’s instagram where he shares debt free screams of individuals, couples, families which makes me more motivated to be free from debt! I remember when I first began the class this Bible verse he shared definitely resonated with me:

The rich rules over the poor,
and the borrower is the slave of the lender.
||Proverbs 22:7||

I hope you have a blessed week. πŸ™‚


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