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Good evening!

How was your Christmas?

God has blessed my husband and I immensely to a new outlook on Christmas this year especially after having our child. I found this post on facebook (yes, I remade an account due to my insomnia late one night and didn’t know why I was still up):


My previous years having Christmas was enjoying the fact I am surrounded by loved ones, eating too many sweets and just enjoying company. I also remember that I was all dressed up for church and looking nice and my main color to wear every year was purple. Picture shown:


I have to laugh to see these photos because the one on the left was when I lived in my apartment and I kept taking candid pictures in my bathroom mirror because I didn’t think of buying a long mirror to hang onto the door to my closet. These photos were from probably 4 years ago.

The first Christmas gathering was at my father-in-law’s and my child did not open/rip out their presents in anticipation that I thought it would be. During Christmas Eve we went onto celebrating Jesus at my mother-in-law’s side of the family and the theme was “Hawaiian Christmas” and I forgot to bring along clothing items for the festivities, but thanks to my uncle he had extra Hawaiian tshirts! My child did so amazing figuring out how to open gifts this time (slowly warming up!) Christmas day consisted of opening presents at home (just the 3 of us which makes the picture I showed above so memorable) and we then went to eat yummy food on my father-in-law’s side of the family (visited my husband’s aunt) and finished the afternoon celebrating on my side of the family down south.

This Christmas is so memorable and it is so surreal to think next Christmas we’ll be a family of 4! What a blessing indeed. I have always wanted a family and it’s so unbelievable to grasp that I have one and I am so thankful.

I will end this blog post with a photo I took in 2013 when I was unable to visit family during the holidays and celebrated candlelight service at church:



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