twenty eighteen





“Look for Christ and you will find Him and with Him everything else.” |C.S. Lewis|

1. My sweet bundle of joy (finally admitting she’s a GIRL, I’ve been back and forth with sharing her gender because I like privacy, and all) was born and I was able to capture this beautiful photo when she was 27 days old..

2. She was baptized on February 25th as a child of God and I was so happy my Dad was able to baptize her in the same church I was.

3. My brother was able to snap some photos when he visited.

4 . My little family went to Alaska for the first time (well myself and my daughter… my husband has been there multiple times.) she did an amazing job flying to and from there. I was so proud.

5. Although this picture was taken in 2017… It was with my aunt V (who passed away a month ago) and it perfectly describes how much I loved the opportunity to be with her, my family and especially my two other aunt’s (L & S who also passed away) this past year and a blessing I was able to be with them while they were here. (more to note on my next blog post…)

6. Sharing the moment to our daughter that we are expecting another blessing made my heart so FULL. I have been aching, but also praying for God to give me guidance, strength, and patience when the day He chose for me to be married and for me to begin a family. It seems so surreal sometimes to believe that God answered my prayers and I can’t think of any other “perfect timing” He was able to bless me with. I am just so thankful.

7. I did not take as many sunset photos this past year, but I love this one and the doggies were with us. One of our dogs (Ruger) passed away in the fall 😦 but thankful we still have our other dog (Mason) which my daughter LOVES. She plays with Mason so much it’s adorable.

8. Found her Christmas dress at Target ( love that store!!) shortly after she was born that was on clearance so I obviously had to buy it for her! My little doll.

9. Family matching PJs. This will be a tradition from now on. 🙂


This past year has been full of “new” and rejoicing and learning, but also regret and beauty. The word I chose for this past year (2018) was “compassion” and being able to not look at my own shoes/way of how to approach things, but to show compassion and understanding with everything that’s going in someone else’s shoes. I must say, I am QUITE a stubborn person, but also a people pleaser at the same time.

Normally, my agenda on things has to be the RIGHT way, but I need to realize to swallow my pride and understand that I need to see other people’s occurrences.

I’ve learned of compassion here and there this past year and I am still learning. It’s a never ending cycle to not think about yourself on a daily basis (which sometimes is a healthy thing to do!)

Honestly, this year has been a hard one to begin due to my 3 aunts passing away and also learning to be a a first time mom. Mixture of emotions, for sure.

I haven’t even sat down to even think about what word I want for this year. I will definitely get back to you on that on an upcoming post.


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