We CAN control our effort.
We CAN control our focus.
We CAN control our action!
Chris Hogan

Good evening! I cannot believe it’s already 2019! So far in this (yet again) budget journey we have paid off:

  • Surface Pro (my husband bought during Black Friday sale)

My goal was to pay off both credit cards, however, things happen in life and doubling the minimum payment is as good as it gets…. until next month! Also, I am aiming for us to pay off my Google Pixel 2 next month so our monthly phone bill be lower. I have been going back and forth to switching us to their “unlimited plan” option after we pay off the phone but alas. Need to keep my priorities straight.

I have so many goals for this year and I have found one way to try and earn money…

Please visit my Poshmark account: mishaedith7ย or eBay account: mishaedith7 if you have small feet like me, or just small in general. My closet is the way to be!

I found some ways to save money…

I have seen this bible verse |Song of Solomon 3:4| everywhere from Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. and I love the verse! I searched online to see the pricing of it and some of it ranged up to $160! Thankfully, I live in a small town and asked one of my friends who knew someone who would be able to incorporate my “idea” of this verse and exchange for some homemade chocolate chip cookies! I am so happy it turned out so well:


The cross in the middle was given to us from one of my dearest friends as a wedding present! We have this hanging up in our bedroom and it couldn’t be anymore perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚


I don’t know if I express this enough with my previous blog posts, but I absolutely LOVE to bake. I feel like it’s primarily my “go to” in the kitchen. Of course I cook, but it’s not as evident with some of the concoctions I put together. My husband always jokes with me to stop making so much rice all the time. He’s a meat and potatoes type of guy. Anyway, my daughter is celebrating her birthday soon (much later than her actual birthday) and I decided to bake, bake, bake. I could’ve easily went somewhere and spent money for someone to bake everything because it would’ve been an easier option, but I wanted to make it simple and I remember seeing different videos from Rachel Cruze where she discussed budgeting a party. (I will post pictures of everything after the party happens.)

A blooper I’ve done so far this year… WOMP WOMP

I was on this fashion website: Goodnight Macaroon and discovered it from a fashion instagram and I kept scrolling through their clothes, mesmerized by their beauty and how it looked so “chic” and before I knew it I added a sweater to my cart and entered everything in and I submitted the payment before even thinking to consider if this was a smart option. Well folks, the sweater is in my closet, it is very cozy and cute, but the price tag was not realistic even if I received a small (15%) discount from it. It was truly not realistic. So, therefore, I just went back to reality to tell myself to not do that ever again, and after I told my husband he was in disbelief why I would spend so much ($60!!!!) on ONE sweater. Oh, goodness. Lesson learned and thankful my husband wasn’t terribly angry about my impulsive decision.

green leaves

New year, new changes, even better goals! Praying for a blessed year filled with so much understanding about the wealth and blessings God has given us and to use it in the right (HIS) way versus the wrong (OUR) way.


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