former patterns


“It is human nature to want it and want it now; it is also a sign of immaturity. Being willing to delay pleasure for a greater result is a sign of maturity.”
|Dave Ramsey, The Total Money Makeover|

Good evening,

My husband and I were blessed enough to receive a refund, and will plan to use that as our emergency fund, and new tires for my car.

Baby steps!

The picture I displayed was of two things I was obsessed with when I was single, living the life of “you only live once” mindset.

When I lived down South I was surrounded by multiple Starbucks locations. It was insane. I received different gift cards through the years during work, etc and I finally caved and became a Starbucks member in 2013. Well, I definitely preoccupied myself to get Starbucks various times a week! Kept adding $40 on the card. Before they switched the “buy up to this many drinks, get one free” and it accumulated more and more and, I must say, I probably spent over $100 a month for that grande latte!

Looking back at how my behavior was, I cannot believe it. Why didn’t someone stop me? Right now, that card has my new last name on there and it’s in my jewelry box, not being used. I am not obsessed with that place as I used to be because it’s not within reach. I don’t see Starbucks on a daily basis, I can’t just drive a block to get it. I would have to drive 45 minutes to go to one! That has helped significantly to cutback completely on my grande latte.

I now enjoy making coffee and put french vanilla cream in my coffee and I am perfectly content with that. When I do have the opportunity to go to different stores and see a Starbucks in Target, or see Starbucks: I do not drive to the place, or walk to the barista. I just pass it and be a-okay about it.

The second part of the collage is of me a few years ago and I was obsessed with brand names, and my appearance. I was loving my J.Crew jacket, my shoes from Aldo, my purse from Michael Kors, my jeans from another brand, my shirt from another brand… Yada yada. It was important for me to go to Anthropologie, J.Crew, The Limited, etc at the mall. Or when I decided to be thrifty (i.e. Plato’s Closet) and I just look for brand names. Everything had to be perfect.

Now, being a wife, I look aside from the appearance and brand names, my husband reminds me that he didn’t marry or love me because of all that, he chose to do both because of who I am as a person, not what I wear. He makes those special moments of us being together be unique and whole.

Now, being a mother I look aside from the appearance and brand names, and appreciate more important moments in life, such as: being together and making it as special as possible. Enjoying my daughter’s laughter and her learning new ways of how to do things.

All in all, I have continued to learn my past behavior does not dictate who I am now. It’s about my progress with behavior and how I can improve and be better for my husband, my daughter and to leave a legacy of being a blessing to them in everything I do, not to be a burden.

I am going to see the Livestream of Rachel Cruze & Les Parrot: Money & Marriage!

I also bought Smart Conference DVD set (which finally came today!), and I already finished 2 out of 3 of the DVD set. It’s so good so far. 🙂

I hope your weekend is great! If you’re celebrating with family or friends (or both!) for Superbowl, have a great time!



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