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Hello! This post will have a lot of pink and red photos. 🙂

First, I wanted to share a collage (2 pictures) from my daughters birthday where I baked cupcakes and a cake! I must say, planning a party is quite a task and I give full gratitude for event planners who are so blessed to do parties like this! I am definitely not skilled in that area, but I tried. 🙂


She had an overwhelming amount of presents (half she hasn’t even opened yet!) and an overwhelming amount of clothes (which I am SO thankful for because going out to buy clothes can be so exhausting and when I do I want to buy everything). The weather that day was quite cold and the snow kept coming down when her party started. It was mostly of my husband’s family and my family, and some friends. I am also amazed how many people were able to come to my daughter’s birthday and utterly grateful. 🙂 She is certainly so loved, and her first celebration definitely spoke volumes.

Valentine’s Shenanigans!

When I was single, living in Texas I had a great group of friends and we celebrated “galentines” and it was so fun to be able to eat chocolate, celebrate friendships and just being content with that. I also lived in my own apartment and never really decorated my place with Valentine’s decor (because I was living within my means and couldn’t afford to just buy all the time and this magic genie will pay for my impulsive purchases), or anything but this year I wanted to be festive and make my new house like a home.

My husband had a mixture of decorations which were of autumn leaves to 4th of July and I just wanted the house be in season with decorations (thanks Target, Michael’s and Etsy…) Here are pictures of the end result! I am so proud how it looks. 🙂







During Valentine’s this year, I am honestly not a cheesy person who likes getting a big bouquet of flowers, eating at a fancy restaurant. This year, I wanted to go to Olive Garden and eat a lot of bread sticks (my pregnancy has made me obsessed with carbs!) and then went to Hobby Lobby and Target (my favorite place to be) where I found some Bible verse frames that were 40% and 50% off (at Hobby Lobby).


This photo of the Bible verse frame was 40% off! I love this Bible verse and was so excited it was there. My husband hasn’t put the other Bible verse frame up yet, but it is from one of my favorite ones I know by heart (Jeremiah 29:11) and I will definitely take a picture of it when he does put it up. I had to laugh though because while I was figuring out putting different frames around the house, he was all “more holes in my wall?” No, more like your home won’t look like a man’s house. 😛

Anyway, enough pictures for now. Hope you’re having a richly blessed weekend!

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