Let’s get ORGANIZED! All the items came in the mail for my planner + wallet (trying to be as versatile as I can) and I finally had the opportunity to put everything together and capture most of the photos with my Canon DSLR (which I am SO guilty of not using it enough!)


Before I met my husband I was (borderline) organized person and I probably bought this from the Dollar Store to sort all the receipts I accumulated. I also had a small notebook to write things down, too.

The planner on the left is from Plum Paper and I absolutely loved it! Before my daughter arrived I decided to insert a “baby” tab to enter every time I fed her and changed her. Unfortunately, this planner was too bulky and I couldn’t even bring it along with me anywhere. That is why I decided to get a smaller planner from Blue Sky (picture on the right) so I can have a portable one to enter everything in. Unfortunately, with this one there weren’t any pockets to insert any appointment cards and I always lost my pen because there wasn’t a secure pen holder, and I usually forget to insert the pen in the rings of the planner.

green leaves

One of the accounts I follow on instagram posted a lovely photo and videos of her budget planner and I fell in love with it and everything about it. She expressed the planner was a Kate Spade Wellesley Planner and while I was searching the prices from Poshmark to eBay and it was quite pricey (average prices were probably around $100-160) and so I decided to wait to see if there was a reasonable price for it. My budget goal was to pay below $85! Which I did, thankfully, and bid on eBay! I was SO excited!

There were multiple photos on both the websites I mentioned which had various patterns and colors. I am not a fan of bright colors so I tried to search for a simple black background, or a striped (black + white) one which I lost the bid on eBay, but alas I was so happy I was able to get this planner and within my budget! Also before Lent too! Making myself accountable that I am quitting spending for Lent. ONLY for groceries and gas. I’m also excluding eating out because I don’t do that often with my family (typical lunch after church).

I was searching on YouTube to see various planners and how they made it their own, what inserts they used and discovered some very lovely accounts with beautiful displays in the planner.

These inserts (notes and doodles, addresses, restaurant addresses, birthdays) were already included when I bought this planner. I also have “To Do List” on there too, unfortunately, I wrote all of them up and should’ve made a copy of one of them, but it’s okay I bought more lined paper.

Dividers | Vinyl Dashboard | Page Lifter

These three inserts are from Foxy Fix and I love them.

These lovely cash envelope cards are from Charmed Chapters on Etsy. I categorized each envelope on what I buy most. [EDITED 3-27-19] I also bought additional cash envelopes for Budget Addict on Etsy.
These business cards/card holder I bought from Amazon. There are 5 total in the packet.

This item finally came last and these are from Minted Sugar which I bought them from Etsy. They had a variety of designs for planners and I am in love with marble print (which is also on my phone too!) and decided to buy this calendar and lined paper.

I only put various gift cards, membership cards on these inserts, and paper clips. Behind the card holder are two pockets, on the left side of it I put my cash envelopes in there, on the right side (where the rings are) I folded important papers.

The first tab I put all my information in from my license, debit card, insurance, etc. I first put lined paper to put my favorite quotes and Bible verses. I also used 2 of the 5 card holders.

The second tab are all the information for my husband and daughter. Also includes various address + numbers from my husbands insurances, daughters pediatrician, my OBGYN, my dentist. I also used 2 of the 5 card holders.

The third tab is for my calendar where I put the last card holder and I put upcoming appointment cards (myself, husband and daughter). I made a list (with dates + amounts) of all our monthly bills (how much each cost) that we automatically pay and deposit. I also had a list of all the addresses + phone numbers from our bills if I ever needed to contact them.

The fourth tab are two clear envelopes filled with coupons and receipts.

The fifth tab is our debt free journey tab. I began this tab with paper filled with various Bible verses and quotes about money and discipline. I then wrote another list filled with Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and another list of all our debt.

The sixth (last) tab is filled with lined paper, addresses and numbers for family + friends, birthdays of family + friends, and addresses to various restaurants we go to.

The end of the planner has a pen holder (which I love) and a little flap where you can put paper in which is notes from Pastor’s sermons and index cards (for my grocery lists!)

[EDITED 3-27-19]

One last favorite part of this planner is that it’s a zipper. It’s compact. I can bring it everywhere.

Blessings on your weekend! So thankful it’s finally Friday! Praying the sunshine comes out more. This winter has been quite long and I’m ready to be outside more. 🙂


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